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Christian Grevstad is more than just an interior designer, he is a visionary, a craftsman, a creator, an inventor, a planner, an innovator, a coordinator, an artist and much, much more. Christian Grevstad is an award-winning Seattle-based interior designer, with an eponymous interior design firm, furniture line and textile collection. Grevstad’s all-encompassing interior design enterprise, designs, creates and executes covet-worthy interior design projects throughout Washington state, including Bellevue, Highland, Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Washington Park; throughout the entire United States, as well as world-wide. Grevstad and his team have transformed interiors of European manses, Seattle homes, New York Penthouses and even luxurious yachts into chic, modern, livable, comfortable works of art. Grevstad’s interior design projects include residential, hospitality, boutique retail, and custom yacht interiors.


The Designs of Christian Grevstad


Christian Grevstad is far from dictorial in his designs. While his interior designs always include a part of himself, Grevstad works directly with the home or property owner to make their space a representation of their personality and personal vibe. Grevstad carefully considers the home owner’s personal design aesthetic, color preferences, personality and the feeling and purpose of the interior space, and marries those findings with his expertise of space planning, knowledge of color combination, and wide resources for furniture suppliers, textile selections and material finishes. Grevstad provides a perspective on the functionality of interior and exterior spaces, and leads clients in the selection and specification of materials and finishes inside and outside of the space. Grevstad works with clients to find the perfect design for their interior space and will search the world for a piece of furniture selected by a client or will dye any of his textiles to match the color palette of choice.


Every great designer has a specific aesthetic and vibe. Grevstad combines his high-level of taste with his attention to detail, to execute interior designs with a classic, organic, ethnic and modern element. Every design features something unique and is inspired by a variety of different elements relevant to that space.


Grevstad and his team work with clients as early as a property’s construction or remodeling stage, to ensure that the design will coincide with the architectural structure. Grevstad believes that the creation of a beautiful interior space is a collaborative effort and embraces working with the client and other home design experts such as architects, contractors, and artisans, to create a well-balanced and integrated space. Grevstad can also redesign existing spaces on a room-by-room basis or a complete home, estate, commercial space or yacht redesign. Each project, no matter how big or how small is given its own design element and dedication to the highest standard. Christian Grevstad’s interior design services include space planning, yacht interiors, custom furniture, technology integration, design details, material finish selection, custom carpet and fabric design, artwork selection and installation, accessory and hospitality consultation, interior architectural design, lighting design, custom millwork design, construction administration, fixture/furniture/equipment resourcing (FF&E), Autocad design and construction documents, detailing and designing custom cabinetry, fireplaces, fixtures and more.


  • Space Planning – Space planning is the first and most important aspect of the interior design process. The space planning of a room impacts the entire design, and directs the designer in how many pieces of furniture to include in the room, what size furniture is needed, and the functionality of the room. In the rudimentary stages of the design process, Christian Grevstad carefully measures each room and maps out a floor plan that will allow for the proper use of the room and the correct arrangement of the right size furniture and design details within the space.


  • Custom Furniture – Christian Grevstad designs his own furniture collection to use in client’s interior spaces. Grevstad also works with other furniture manufacturers to create custom “looks” within a space. Grevstad selects textiles from his own collection or from other textile designers to use to cover and accent the furniture he selects for his client’s interior spaces. Grevstad also selects material finishes for custom made furniture to create the ideal piece for each client and their interior space.


  • Technology Integration – Christian Grevstad is familiar with integrating technology into the design process. Technology integration in the design process allows designers to use computer based programs to create detailed mock-ups of the space in order to preview the space to the client as well as create a visual plan for all of the construction elements including plumbing, lighting, electrical, etc.


  • Material Finish Selection – Christian Grevstad selects the best materials for each piece of furniture in an interior space. Grevstad also chooses finishes for the scaping of a room including wall treatments, cabinetry, flooring, counter tops, and more.


  • Design Details – When Christian Grevstad designs an interior space, he considers the synchronization of every single element of the room. Every element of design is carefully planned out and coordinated, from the big items like the drapes, material finishes and fabrics down to the smallest minute design details including accessories, trims, and buttons. Every single portion of the room complements another, creating a congruous look that results in a visual delight.


  • Custom Carpet and Fabric Design – Christian Grevstad stops at nothing when designing a room to fit his vision or the client’s request or needs. When a particular color or weave of carpet or fabric is not available, Grevstad custom dyes or designs carpets and fabrics to create the desired look.


  • Artwork Selection and Installation – Art and accessories in a room can either complete the look or distract from it. This is why Christian Grevstad considers every single element within a room including selecting artwork. Many factors go into selecting the perfect artwork for a room including scale, color, style and frame finish. Installation at the proper height or in groupings should also be completed by an experienced professional. Christian Grevstad has world-wide connections with artists and can find the optimal piece to complete the “look” of a room’s design.


  • Lighting Design – A lighting fixture in a room can change the mood and even the size perception of the space. The placement and type of lighting fixture is an important aspect of interior design. Lighting fixtures should be selected to complement a room’s color, size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved can transform a room. Christian Grevstad selects lighting fixtures for his interior design in order to create a seamless combination of functionality and style.


  • Detailing and Designing Custom Cabinetry – Custom cabinets are fabricated to meet the particular specifications for each individual room. Christian Grevstad designs custom cabinets to meet the size requirements of an interior space and also hand-selects the materials, finish, crown molding and trim. Size and depth of the cabinets for every room size is also considered. Selecting the right cabinetry in a kitchen and throughout the home is not only an important design element to an interior space, but the size and location of cabinets can lend to the functionality of the home. With beautiful cabinetry carefully positioned throughout a home, residents have a resource to hide away every day items such as appliances, plugs, toys and more, so that each room always maintains its original design and beauty.


  Christian Grevstad Furniture and Textiles


Christian Grevstad provides custom furniture design, working directly with clients to design and select furniture to suit their lifestyles. Christian Grevstad began designing custom furniture in 2004 out of necessity. Finding that the furniture market lacked comfortable, livable pieces that fell between antique and modern design, Grevstad took to creating his own collection of furniture that met his level of quality, comfort and design aesthetic.


The Christian Grevstad furniture collection is designed with European and Northwestern-influence and includes sofas, beds, armoires, tables and lighting, created from substantial woods and metals. Over the past decade, the collection has expanded and is sold through the Christian Grevstad interior design firm as well as at showrooms in Seattle, New York and Dallas.


In addition to the furniture collection, Christian Grevstad designed and developed a luxe collection of hand-woven textiles inspired by the design visions that he desired to bring to life, and the inability to find the textiles he needed in the market place. Grevstad sources the highest quality natural materials and design weaves, and develops a distinctive color palette for this collection. In keeping with his dedication to respecting the environment, all of the Christian Grevstad textiles meet or exceed ecological standards and are manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. Grevstad adorns his custom furniture collection with the Christian Grevstad textile collection to bring his design vision full-circle. In addition to the existing collection of exquisite fabrics, Grevstad offers custom design patterns, colors, textures and weights for his client’s specific needs. Every fabric, piece of furniture and design concept created by Christian Grevstad is crafted with the finest products, and is hand-selected to meet Christian Grevstad’s high standards.



Proudly Displayed


The work of Christian Grevstad is proudly displayed in the media on a regular basis. Interior design magazines and publications understand the importance of showcasing the freshest and best looks, often referencing Christian Grevstad interior design services, furniture, textiles and expertise and opinion. Luxe Interiors + Designs magazine showcased Christian Grevstad Furniture and Textiles in the April 2015 issue. Select pieces from the Christian Grevstad’s furniture and textile collections were also included in Luxe Interiors + Designs magazine twice throughout the 2014 calendar year. Seattle Magazine regularly highlights the work of Christian Grevstad. Grevstad’s designs, furniture and textiles continue to be showcased in trade publications and have been featured repeatedly dating back to 2003.

In the crafting of furniture pieces, the design of fabrics and throughout an entire interior design project, Christian Grevstad selects the highest caliber of materials and holds his design execution to the the highest standard possible. Christian Grevstad transforms interior spaces into unique, distinguished, highly individualized, livable abodes. With each design, Christian Grevstad adds allure and interest to any and every interior.


Christian Grevstad Inc., a notable award winning Seattle Interior Design firm specializing in a full spectrum of interior design services, furniture, accessories, and art.





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Grevstad is not limited by boundaries, he goes where home and property owners need his design expertise; serving both domestic and international clients.




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