CHRISTIAN GREVSTAD Furnitue Collection fills and bridges the gap between modernity and traditional design. The collection pays homage to both French and Italian furnishings, while borrowing from the simplicity of modern aesthetic to create a tasteful menage-a-trois that marries classicism and modernism with comfort, function & contemporary lifestyles Christian Grevstad, an award-winning designer, is a world traveler who has always followed his own rugged path to a unique sense of style–whether it was winding his way through the Gulf of Alaska at an early age, Studying art and architecture abroad, learning to fly or defying his Norwegian bloodline to speak French–not just in design, but from the heart, the way he hears it from another life, another time. “Comfort must inform design in order to complete the whole,” says Grevstad, “Furniture must be integral to its environment and in balance with the architecture that envelopes it. Grevstad’s wanderlust continually contributes to his design philosophy. Some of his greatest highlights include travel throughout Africa, India and Europe where he became inspired by the colors of India and fascinated with European antiques, romance and sense of style. First shown at the Terris Draheim Showroom in Seattle, the collection is now shown nationally and internationally, supported by a growing number of prestigious interior designers.

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